Chapter 4 ~ Threats of Willpower

Darkness… I’m drowning in darkness and water. Why, why is there someone…? He squinted, trying to see the distant figure on the horizon. Wait for me! Don’t leave me alone here! The person turns around and points upward. Michel glances up.

Who are you?



Follow the light Michael, and go in peace, my son.


Michel woke up in the middle of the night, his body drenched with sweat. He breathed heavily like he just ran the marathon. He gazed around in puzzlement, still disoriented from his dream, and touched his head absentmindedly. Michel’s eyes fell onto a piece of paper with his name on it. He opened it, finding a letter addressed to him.

Dear Michael, it said.

I hope your pain has gone away. I’ll see you in school soon. Take it easy and don’t stress yourself or worry too much.

There was no signature. How like him, Michel thought, then he frowned. Where did that thought come from? He fell back on the bed and sighed, deciding that all this questioning would get him nowhere, and went back to sleep; this time, dreamless sleep.


Michel hid a yawn behind his hands as he walked into school. He nodded to people who waved or said hi to him, which was to say, almost everyone.


Michel stopped and turned around, seeing it was Beryl, he waved.

“What’s up Student Council President?”

“Not much. Tired. Need sleep,” and he stifled another yawn.

Beryl smirked, knowing that Michel’s reaction time wasn’t all that great in the morning, stopped walking and waited.

Michel paused and then backed up. “Wait, wait wait. Did you just say Student Council President or maybe I heard incorrectly. Please let it be I heard incorrectly,” he begged.

“Nope! It’s you and guess who’s Vice President?”

“Oh no, don’t tell me…” Michel backed up a step.

“Yup, it’s yours truly.”

“No!!!!! Why, why is the world so cruel?” Michel fake sobbed.

“Ah, get over it. ”

“I knew there was something wrong today!”

“Oh? How so?”

“Everybody waved or said hi!”

“Uh…They do that everyday, dumbass.”

“They were a tad friendlier today!” Michel accused, waving his arms in the air like windmills.

Beryl rolled his eyes and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like, “Stupid paranoid person.”

“Hey! I am not paranoid.”

“Right, right. Whatever.” And then a whisper of “drama queen”.

The bell rang. “Shoot. Better get to class.” They raced for the classroom door.


“Today, we have a new student. His names is Brad Minamoto,” The teacher said in a droning voice.

Brad walked in, looking strikingly handsome in his black uniform. Whispers from the girls grew louder, no doubt gossiping about Brad. Michel frowned, irritated for some reason at all the giggling girls.

“Minamoto-kun, sit behind Mizuki-kun please. ”

The whispers grew louder. “Prez, Vice Prez, and new kid together? And they’re all so good looking.” The girls squealed and hyperventilated at their luck of being in such a class. Michel glared at them, now irritated. “Grr…”

“What, you jealous much?” was Brad’s ghostly whisper as he walked to his desk.

Michel glared at him in shock, as Brad pretended to tie his shoe and winked at Michel cheekily. Michel felt his eyes widen in shock and he blushed pink.

“Awww… I made you blush!”

Beryl snickered at that comment which made Michel turned even more red. Brad stood up and walked to the seat behind Michel, who had a very hard time concentrating and ignoring the boy behind him.

At Lunch

Brad joined Michel and Beryl for lunch. They sat under the tree, eating and talking amiably with Hikaru and Asato.

Meiko ran up to them, out of breathe. “Senpai-tachi(1)! There’s a suspicious man up on the roof with Yuiko!”

“What?” Michel raced off towards the staircase.

“Wait here,” Brad commanded, his words enriched with power, and hurried after him. The others shrugged and kept on eating as if nothing had happened.

Michel rushed up the stairs taking them two at a time, thoughts running through his head with increasing alarm. Why is there…? Yuiko, hold on! He threw the rooftop access door open and saw a man backing Yuiko closer and closer to the edge.

“Ah… Michael. You have come.”

Michel ignored him, focusing on Yuiko first, as she was his primary concern. “Yuiko, are you alright?” She gave a terrified nod.

“She won’t be any longer,” the man snarled and pushed Yuiko off the roof. On an impulse, without hesitation, Michel jumped off the roof right after Yuiko, just as Brad came through the door.

“You!” Brad stated, somehow sounding very unsurprised to see the man.

“Ah… Bartholomew too! What a joy to see you again,” he said mockingly.

“What are you doing here Judas?”

“To make Michael remember?” as if stating the obvious. “It wouldn’t be nearly half as fun without Kami’s(2) lapdog.”

Brad’s fist clenched involuntarily at those words. “Still as infuriating as ever I see,” he stated, smirking coldly. “I’m always surprised that no one’s cut off your tongue yet. I’ve always hoped to be the one honored to do so.”

Judas Iscariot narrowed his eyes dangerously. “I’ll see you again. Choose your side wisely, for the outcome might be different this time.” The space around him warped and he disappeared, leaving the air hanging heavily in his wake.

Brad lowered his chin so it touched his chest and let out a breath. He had nearly lost his battle of wills. “It will not happen again,” and if anyone had happened to see him then, they would have been down right terrified. Brad stood up straighter and went to check on Michel and Yuiko.

  1. Senpai-tachi= Senpai is a respectful title for Upperclassmen and tachi= plural.
  2. Kami= Japanese for God. I’d rather use this than the word God for some reason. There will be a lot of instances when I use this word instead.

Chapter 3~ The Second Meeting

“Geez Brother, what took you so long?” Too deep in thought, Michel didn’t answer. “Michel? Michel?”

Michel came to with a startle shake. “Yes? I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Yuiko frowned. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing…” Michel’s voice trailed off as his thoughts wandered off, once again dwelling on the subject of amethyst eyes.

Yuiko and Beryl exchanged looks. Beryl walked up to Michel and patted his head. “Cheer up! If your face keeps on being like this,” Beryl made a scary face, mimicking Michel,”You’ll scare all the guests away later. Not to mention, you’ll look old before your time.”

Michel glared at Beryl. “I wouldn’t be talking if I were you, Mr. Old-man-personality,” he retorted right back, and then sighed. He stood up, yawned, and ran his head through his already tousled hair (courtesy of Beryl). “So who’s coming?”

“Well, I invited Meiko and Rin. Is that alright?” Yuiko asked a bit worriedly.

“Of course it’s no problem.”

Beryl then asked a bit too innocently, “I invited Hikaru and Asato, is that alright with you?”

Michel, knowing what Beryl was up trying to do, shot him a death glare. “Of course not. Anyone you invite into my house has been contaminated by you.”

Hearing these words, Beryl dramatically clutched his chest. “Oh! How you wound me. Don’t you see my tears?”

‘”Oh you guys,” Yuiko shook her head exasperatedly while stirring the soup.

Michel grinned ruefully. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“Of course you couldn’t help yourself,” Yuiko said dryly.

An hour later…

The doorbell rang. “Oh!” Michel leaped onto his feet. “I’ll get that!”

The other two nodded absentmindedly. All of a sudden, Berly paused. “I wonder if he minds me inviting that new transfer student. Hm… OH well…” He shrugged and continued setting delicious food on the table.

Michel bounded to the door eagerly. I wonder who that is? Michel wondered happily. He threw the door open. “H-…”

The greeting died in his throat as he saw the person he least expected. All of a sudden, Michel exhaled, feeling as if air was punched out of his stomach. He gritted his teeth and dug his feet into the carpet, as he swayed unsteadily. A small moan of pain escaped from his lips. “So much blood…So much pain…” Michel’s eyes glittered with unshed tears.

Brad watched him without a flicker of emotion. Just then Yuiko appeared in the doorway. “Who is it, Michel?” She rushed to Michel’s side to steady him. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” A faint nod was all he could manage at the moment, afraid to say anything.

Beryl followed Yuiko and saw Brad. “Oh hello! You came!” Beryl turned around. “This is Brad and he is transferring into our class next Monday Michel.”

Beryl noticed for the first time that Michel looked very pale. “Michel, what’s wrong?”

Michel looked out the door rather than answer the question and saw the others arriving. He finally found his voice. “Look! They’re here! HEY!” He shouted, glad at their appearance and for the distraction they presented.

Hm… He’s acting weird. Wait… He always acts weird but this time it’s weird than usual. Beryl’s brow furrowed. HOLY COW is that even possible for him to be weirder than he already is? He sighed and followed Michel.


“To a new school year and to our three lovely new students,” said Michel as he raised his glass to the ladies. “I don’t know if you guys are acquainted or not but… This is my sister, Yuiko and the other two lovely ladies are Meiko Ichikawa and Rin Sayaka. Ladies, these two are Hikaru Tsuzuki and Asato Kaidoh. Oh and this is Beryl…Haha… I forgot you.”

Beryl gave Michel a death glare and tried to punch Michel playfully but missed. Michel laughed at him.

“Ugh! You guys are like kids,” Hikaru said, throwing his hands in the air. “And this is Brad, the new transfer student,” Asato cut in smoothly, catching the other three’s attention.

“Ah yes! Anyways, let’s start with the food!” Yuiko turned on the music and everyone mingled with each other, while eating the food.

Suddenly, Beryl asks Brad, “Where did you transfer from?”

Six pairs of eyes turned to Brad curiously. “France,” he replied easily, unfazed by all the attention.

Michel, claiming a headache, went back inside to the house and to his bedroom. Images sporadically appeared in his head, making him grimace. A gentle knock on his door resounded.

“Enter,” Michel said and Brad entered.

“Oh hullo!” Brad looked around and wrinkled his nose. “Your room is kinda messy.”

Michel nodded his agreement and didn’t quite catch Brad’s next sentence. “Not like how you used to be. Hm…”

Brad walked closer. He spoke. “How’s your head?”

“Hm…?” Michel said a bit absentmindedly. He was transfixed by the way the light of twilight fixed upon Brad’s hair.

“Your head.” Brad repeated patiently, a bit amused by Michel’s stare.

Michel blinked like a downing man surfacing for air. He touched his head gently and flinched as another wave of pain went through his head. “It’s fine,” he answered in a voice that clearly implied it was in fact, not fine at all.

He looked into Brad’s eyes, and not sensing any wariness, asked, “Who are you?”

Brad chuckled. “That was rather abrupt… But very like you.”

Michel gazed at him, eyes questioning, and waited for Brad to answer. When he didn’t, Michel prompted, “Did you know me from someplace? I think I would have remembered you…”

“Well… Yes I suppose you could say we were very well acquainted once upon a time.” Brad smirked, clearly amused at some private joke.

Michel’s eyes flashed in sudden anger. “I am not finding this funny at all. My head is killing me and it’s only happened after I saw you.”

Brad’s expression was immediately contrite. “I’m sorry, but it can’t be helped.”

“You clearly know something. Can’t you tell me?”

“I think not. There is probably a solution,” Brad mused, voice railing off as he spoke to himself. He took out a knife from his shoe and examined it. It was a curious knife, its handle red with intricate designs on it, with some foreign language etched on it. The black blade glinted blue in the moonlight.

Brad slashed the palm of his right as Michel stared with horrified fascination at the blood welling up from the wound.

“What are you doing? Let me get a bandage.” He rummaged through his desk drawer in a fervor, muttering under his breath.

“Stop.” Brad commanded.


Brad grabbed Michel’s wrist and pushed him against the wall, turning his head to suck at the blood still flowing from his cut. He leaned forward and grasped Michel’s face while Michel stared at him, frozen to the spot. Brad brushed his lips gently against his in a business like manner, making Michel drink the blood that was being offered from Brad’s mouth. When Michel swallowed the blood obediently, he felt the pain in his head gradually lessened, until there was no pain at all.

“Better?” Brad asked with a smile in his voice.

Michel nodded, still speechless and then cleared his throat. “Can you…” His voice trailed off.

“Do it again?” Brad finished for him.

“Why… Yes.” Michel looked surprised at his own answer.

Brad leaned in and kissed Michel again, tenderly this time, lips brushing softly against lips in a chaste way. Brad slid his thumb down Michal’s face who then sagged, knees giving away under him.

“Sleep now,” and Brad tucked Michel in, who closed his eyes tiredly. Brad smoothed his hair and planted a kiss on Michel’s forehead.

“Sweet Dreams,” Brad whispered lovingly, and Michel drifted off into the Dreamlands.

First Meeting


“I’ll catch up with you guys later ‘kay?”

“Alright but hurry or you’ll miss the party and we’ll start without you.”


Michel breathed a sigh of relief as he walked by himself, seeing no one around at all.

Finally some peace and quiet. All day it’s been whispers about me, Yuiko, or Beryl.

Michel sighed. Not that they were THAT quiet…He grinned briefly and sighed again.

“What a nuisance.”

He stopped walking as he saw someone walking towards him.

He couldn’t see who it was but the presence of the person was stifling.

Time slowed as the mysterious person came into view.

A boy his age was walking his way.

Long, lilac hair.

Silver eyes.

They brought shivers to his body.

He paused briefly when he was almost shoulder to shoulder with Michel and then walked past him without sparing a glance at Michel, as if he didn’t exist.

Right when he walked past him, Michel’s eyes widen as if someone had sucked all the air out of him. Images burst into his head, blinding him as the vivid colors of nonsensical pictures wracked his body with pain. Pictures of death and blood ran through his head. Michel’s knees wobbled and gave away. He knelt there, hands on the ground; eyes open wide and unseeing as he focused to breath. Every breathe was an effort as the blood rushed through his head.

“Wait!” Michel managed to croak out, trying to stall the strange boy.

The boy paused without turning around.

“What is your name?”

The silence grew louder and louder when there was no answer. Then came one word.

“Brad.” And he was gone.

Michel knelt there, still in shock and musing over what had happened. He then stood up and shook his head to clear it.What…what was that? His eyes were so beautiful…

Michel looked at his watch.

“Oh no! I’m going to be late!”

“Michel! Michel!”

Michel groaned, coming out of his haze of grogginess…

He heard the sound of curtains opening.


Someone pounced on him.

“Michel! You’re finally awake! You’ll be late for the first day of school if you don’t hurry!”

“What…?” He asked again, this time just a tiny bit more awake.


“Yes…of course! Who else could it be? Now hurry up and get dress in 15 min. or I’ll come and forcibly pull you out of bed!” Yuiko threatened.

“Okay…Okay…Get out of here…I can’t dress if you’re in here.”

Yuiko rolled her huge black eyes.

“Fine…I’m leaving…but you better be dressed and be downstairs before seven.”

“Yea…Yea…Now get out of here”

Michel pushed Yuiko out of the room and slammed the door in Yuiko’s face.

“Why does it even matter,” Michel grumbled,”it’s only the first day of school.”

He paused in front of the mirror. Short, light, yellow, wavy hair fringed his face and sapphire eyes.

Let’s see…Today is the entrance ceremony…Why is she in such a hurry? It’s not even important…WAIT!…Oh my god…don’t tell me…

Michel ran around the room frantically.

It’s time…I forgot!! Oh I’m gonna be dead if I don’t hurry…Forgive me Yuiko!! Don’t kill me!!


“Geez…Michel, did you forget?”

“Yes…I’m sorry.”

Yuiko sighed.

“That is so like you..Well, I’m off for the ceremony…I’ll see you later!”


He jumped in surprise, and turned around.

“Oh…It’s you…”

“What’s with that dissatisfied tone? Aren’t you happy to see me…? HUH??”


“You liar!!”

“I’m kidding…I’m kidding!!”

Beryl chased Michel in circles and wrestled Michel to the ground.

“Okay…okay I surrender!” Michel threw his hands up into the air.

He looked around to find girls looking at the two.

“Wonderful!” He heard one voice say.

“They look so good together!”, said another.

“Hey…Beryl…I reckon that…I’m being elected as the primary candidate of the presidential elections again?”

“Yup! And I’m running as the Vice President.”

“Oh joy.”

Beryl glared at Michel, who threw out his hands in a “stop” gesture.

“I’m kidding.”

“You better be careful about your sister.”


“Well…now your sister is here, people might try to get on your good side just to get close to her.”

“C’mon…You think I’m not used to people trying to get close to me with ulterior motives?”

“Still…just be careful.”

“I will…” A pause. “Why would they try to get close to me because of my sister?”

“Oh…you are so dense sometimes.”


“Well, your sister is good looking so people might want to date her just to get close to might want to get on your good side too.”


Beryl smacked himself on the forehead. “You are so slow sometimes. FYI for future references, your sister is good-looking…Very good-looking.”

“She is? Well, I always thought she was cute but…Hey, you do think my sister is cute right?”

“Yeah…but I’m not interested in her. I like someone else.”


“It’s a s-e-c-r-e-t.”

“Tell me…please?”

“That ‘cute’ face is not going to work on me this time.”

“What face?”

“That! What you’re doing right now.”

“I’m not making any faces.”

Their voices trailed off as they walked down the hallway.


Not long after Earth was created, Heaven went into chaos.

Angel fought against Angel and War ensued.

Those who went against God became the Fallen, and their wings turned into the darkest black.

Those who sided with God remained pure and their wings white.

But worse were those who sided with neither, for their fate was to be thrown out of heaven, time, and space.

Amidst all of this was the seraphium Michael, pure and whole, and his lover Bartholomew.

Alas, their love was not enough to save Bartholomew…and he fell into the Darkness…and into the grasps of the Prince of Darkness.

They forgot their love for each other and fought against each other until they died, together, again in the loving embrace of the other’s arms.

They swore that if God ever forgave them, they would be reborn onto Earth and find each other.

God, finally overcoming his wrath, took pity on them.

He sealed their memories and powers and sent them to Earth…

But even He did not foresee what would happen…and the day would come when God would need his Army of Angels again…to stand once more against the Darkness…

This will be the page for Decadence of Mnemosyne productions. Here, I will publish my writings. All of the stories done by me will most likely be of slash, or homosexual relationships. Occasionally, I might also collaborate with one of my friends. But until then, I’ll just be trying to write of many diferent thing.